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When The Pinotage Meets The Gin

What happens when the Pinotage meets the Gin?  They let the dogs out!  Thank you, thank you.  I am available for stand up comedy events over zoom.

On a more serious note, as we moved into Level 3 on 1 June the excitement was more about buying alcohol, than going back to work.  My excitement was about being able to get my hands on the new Sixdogs Distillery Harvest Pinotage Stained Gin.

I mean it's two of my favourite thing wrapped into one.  Their blue gin has been a firm favourite in my cupboard and thanks to lockdown is now non-existent.

So like a kid in a candy story, I opened this little package with great delight on a very cold Jozi morning.  Wondering whether a gin and tonic before 10am would be frowned upon.  I waited patiently until hubby came home, and then poured us each a beautiful one, berries and all.

What makes it so special

It's got that deep red berry color, like a pinotage.  And then on top of that, you taste the plummy, cherry, tannins, like you would in wine.  But then, you get the Sixdogs Gin flavour coming through.  That distinct juniper taste, that they are so unmistakably known for.  This Sixdogs Pinotage Stained Gin, like all the others before have once again been crafted with quality and care.

Charles Bryant, founder and distiller of Six Dogs Distillery, explains the process: “We took delivery of these carefully grown, pruned and hand-picked grapes and placed the first batches into waiting tanks of gin.  The whole berry Pinotage grapes were then left to infuse our gin with their deep red colour and Pinotage flavour profile.”

Lucky for us, it will now be an all year round offering.  Where before, it was only produced seasonally.  

Thank you Charles, the gin community will be enjoying this one for many seasons to come.

As of Level 3 you can get your Sixdogs Pinotage Stained Gin at selected liquor stores and e-commerce online stores.  Or you can order through Six Dogs Distillery directly:  Email your name, delivery address, phone number and order quantity to - Tell them Adele sent you ;) 

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