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Confessions Of A Mama Bear

"Mama bear is such a sweet way to describe the fact that I’d rip you open and eat your insides if you hurt my child".

The last week has been one of big emotions and feelings for my little Des.

I wouldn’t usually share but I think so many of us as parents deal with these things, and your first reaction and response is ‘What am I doing wrong?’

I am that parent, the one that isn’t blind to my child’s shortcomings, I am the one that always asks the following:

  1. Why did you react the way you did?

  2. What did the other person do?

  3. Did you do something to make the other person react the way they did?

  4. Do you think your reaction was right?

  5. Did you get to tell your side?

  6. Is what you telling me the truth or a story? I.e. did it really happen

  7. Did you apologise for being wrong?

We are fortunate that Desi got given a worry monster. He’s named her Kylie, which brought great amusement, as Kylie is one of his besties. This monster has a mouth and you can feed her all the big and worry feelings.

Every night we write down anything and everything that caused any form of sadness during his day, no matter how trivial. We also feed her happy feelings else she’ll get a tummy ache.

This has helped him deal with big feelings, but yet there are still some things that just don’t go away.

And this brings me to the question… ‘What am I doing wrong!’ - My answer to myself and to others, NOTHING!

The fact that you care enough to ask it, means you are doing so much right.

The problem is that unfortunately you have no control over how other people parent their kids, and all you can do is continue to raise a child with good values.

Always remind them to be kind, to be honest, to be respectful, and to be themselves and stand up and be heard.

But let me tell you, sometimes, just sometimes, I wanna say, punch the kid in the face, they’ll never tease you again.

Instead, I say, “my boy, you will grow taller, they will always remain meanies”.


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