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Let's Get Enlightened

Pigmentation, the word that we prefer not to say out loud. That and weight gain, and COVID, and well a few more actually. Anyway, I regress, pigmentation is just one of the unnecessary evils us women deal with daily. But thanks to NeoStrata's new Enlighten range, it no longer has to rule your life or face I should say.

First thing first, let's just chat pigment.

Why do we get it, and can we prevent it?

Pigmentation is almost like a period, everyone is gonna go through it at some stage in life. Causes are simple too complex.

- Sun exposure - a no brainer you would think. Yet so many people, especially youngsters are not big on lathering on the SPF. You need to use a lot - at least the size of a R5 coin, and you need to reapply especially if you were sweating, or exercising, or swimming. The SPF in your foundation is not enough for our harmful African sun rays.

- Acne - yip the bane of your teenage life, can lead to pigmentation and scarring. So if you have it don't be afraid to use a SPF. It will prevent future skin issues. And if you are on any medication such as Roaccutane, you have to increase the SPF and decrease sun exposure.

- Pregnancy - what is suppose to be the most amazing time, can wreak havoc on your skin. Hormonal changes are more than often at the forefront of hyperpigmentation.

- Drugs/medication - Different medicines, even the homeopathic ones can increase the risk of pigmentation. So check when you use them.

The sad thing about pigmentation is we cannot stop it but prevention is in fact better than cure. And this is where Neostrata steps up to the plate.

So let's get Enlightened:

Start your journey of beautiful even-looking skin today with a simple routine:

Ultra Brightening Cleanser

A gentle non-drying cleanser that removes make-up, dirt and oil, all whilst brightening and refreshing dull looking skin.

The pearlescent, creamy cleanser develops into a plush foam.

Powered with 6%. NeoGlucosamine helps to deep clean and leave radiant looking skin.

It helps to exfoliate the skin’s surface, targeting dark spots that causes the skin to look uneven and dull.

Suitable for Normal, Dry and Oily skin types.

Available online from Dermastore RRP – R601.00

Enlighten Pigment Controller

An intensive, multi-action brightening treatment. Highly active ingredients include NeoGlucosamine, Retinol (0.1%) and stabilised Vitamin C to target pigment at the source.

Skin is left brighter with enhanced clarity, and more even toned.

Suitable for Normal, Dry and Oily skin.

Available online from Dermastore RRP – R1002.00

Skin Brightener with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35

Antioxidant-enriched moisturiser combines NeoGlucosamine and B-Resorcinol.

This exfoliant brightening agent combo helps reduce the look of age spots to provide an even skin tone.

With daily use the broad-spectrum SPF 35 protects the skin against UV-induced ageing.

Suitable for Normal, Dry and Oily skin.

Available online from Dermastore RRP – R889.00

Illuminating Serum

A multi-action serum that targets uneven skin tone and discolouration.

Contains a gentle exfoliator, NeoGlucosamine, that is known to help fade existing discolourations.

The formula consists of 4% Niacinamide (Vit B3) and a blend of Vitamin C, B-Resorcinol and Licorice Extract that promotes brighter more even skin.

Suitable for Normal, Dry and Oily skin.

Available online from Dermastore RRP – R1170.00

Brightening Eye Cream

The only baggage I want, is a Samsonite suitcase for my travels. No one has time for under-eye bags and dark circles.

With this brightening eye cream you can kiss those dark circles goodbye.

Targeted to restore a look of firmness and moisture to leave you with a smooth and bright appearance. This powerful cream blends together antioxidants, peptides and algae extract to target the visible dark under eye circles.

An anti-ageing blend of Gluconolactone and Bionic Acids targets the skin’s hydrating matrix to cushion and brighten the appearance of dark under eye skin.

Oil-free, Fragrance-free, Ophthalmologist-tested.

Suitable for Normal, Dry and Oily Skin

Available online from Dermastore RRP – R780.00

Dark Spot Corrector

The formula targets dark spots with a 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) / Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) exfoliating blend.

Combines powerful antioxidant chelators to help trap metals that can trigger uneven skin tone. Plus, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid and Licorice Extract are formulated together to help promote brightness and a more even complexion.

Improves the look of dark skin coloration targeting a more even appearance.

Suitable for Skin with Discolouration such as Age, Sun or Post-Acne Spots

Available online from Dermastore RRP – R554.00

Dual Acid Brightening Peel

A potent dual-action peel that combines the skin smoothing action of a chemical peel by utilising a high concentrate of 10% Glycolic Acid and 10% Polyhydroxy acid (PHA) with a scientifically proven brightening peptide.

Improving skin tone and texture leaving you with a more refined and brighter complexion.

Suitable for Normal, Dry and Oily Skin

Available online from April 2021 from Dermastore RRP – R1423.00

My verdict on this range - After using the brightening eye cream, serum and skin brightener for the last 6 weeks, I can see a visible difference. My skin is smoother, and definitely lighter. The dark circles are less pronounced, and have evened out.

I haven't used the face wash as yet, but only because I have been using the NeoStrata Glycolic Wash for #maskne - which is also a winner.

I give this product a 9/10 for effectiveness, and a 7/10 for price point - it is a little on the $$ side, but good skin happens with good skincare. And unfortunately as they say in Afrikaans - Goedkoop is Duurkoop. Invest in a good product with science behind it, and your skin will love your for it.


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