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Lockdown or Locked UP?!

padlocks on a gate

I woke up this morning with a real WTF moment. This #lockdown, has fast become a #lockedup for me. On Saturday past, I decided to rebel against the system. Dressed up in my favourite dress and Superga's, hair done and a beautiful face beat (even if I do say so myself), I headed out to the mall, mask in tow.

I needed some essentials, winter pyjamas, shower gel, and a new mascara.

As confident as I left home, as defeated did I return. Not one pair of winter pyjamas in sight, and the ones that were, well my bank balance is in lockdown as well. Shower gel I got plenty off, because either they are producing tons or people are bathing in hand sanitiser? And then it came to the mascara. One of the bizarre rules that I cannot understand is that you can buy drugstore makeup like Catrice, Essence, Revlon and the rest at Dis-Chem and Clicks, but you cannot buy Dior or Chanel at Edgars? Logic anyone? Oh wait I forgot, logic has gone out the window with our freedom.

My list of WTF rules continue to grow, as does my despair with our leaders. Now before you gun me down and forcible place a mask over my mouth to silence me, let me explain.

I come from a health background, and I know the struggle our health system faces. I was also the first to clap when the president said 21 days of lockdown. When he extended it, I showed understanding and support, but then when Level 4 came with not much difference, I started having anxiety. Neither of our companies can operate currently. The families the companies support as well as those of our workers in our personal capacity is suffering as much as us. And we start to appeal, open the economy, because poverty brings with it a whole set of its own challenges.

With that said, I decided against walking in the freezing cold. I set out to another morning of playing teacher and subsequently going greyer by the second, and I indulge in yet another choc chip cookie. Because lockdown has turned me into a boss baker, with a fat ass and bad hair. Here's to being locked up and down in the dumps.


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