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2020, The Year That Was...

2020 was supposed to be the start of the new decade.

So many ‘resolutions’ and goals were set. It was to be the year for all of us.

We started our year by saying goodbye to my sister Renee, brother-in-law David, and my heart. My little nephew Leo.

They took a brave step, packed it up, and moved to New Zealand.

With stars in their eyes, tears in mine, and a broken heart as a piece of it flew off on two kangaroo planes to their new life.

In February, I received the best Valentine's day present. My little boy Desmond. A 4-year-old with a personality and smile as big as life.

Life as I knew it changed immediately for the better and we had our family. The family that we had been waiting for for the last decade.

2020 would be our year.

Milestone celebrations as we saw my mom turn 60. All amidst horror stories of a virus engulfing the world.

And then the unthinkable happened - ‘My fellow South Africans’ words that can put a chill in anyone’s blood.

Covid-19 had hit our shores and was starting to spread. The president declared a state of emergency and we went into lockdown. No leaving your house, except for essentials. All industries closed except for grocery stores and medical centers. But not to worry it's only for 21 days until it's not. 21 days turned into months. With different levels of restrictions, alcohol bans, and curfews, life as we knew it no longer existed.

We were living in the midst of a pandemic. WTF moments happened daily. Something I never thought would happen in my lifetime had.

I missed my friends and family and didn’t venture out if not needed. I sanitized and wore a mask. Chatted to friends via zoom and WhatsApp video call. I did a few online pilates classes, and baked, and ate what I baked. I cuddled with my little boy, read him stories, went for walks, and sang him to sleep.

I celebrated my birthday and anniversary with just us three. No friends, no family. All in lockdown. My first mother's day in lockdown, a bittersweet moment. But treasured nonetheless.

A birthday party for Desi would reward me with the virus a week later. And then I realized. Covid doesn't discriminate. It will get you regardless of who you are. Some may be fine and others not so much. Some like me get very sick but can live to tell the tale, others say goodbye to this world to enter another.

I live with my newly found bad hair, thanks to a box color move. The excess fat around my ass and thank my lucky stars daily that we still in fact have our health.

Slowly we had the lockdown lifted and small feelings of normalcy returned.

School runs and extra murals. The occasional restaurant trip and weekends at the farm become the way of life. Life is actually ok, pandemic and all.

And then the shit hit the fan, actually our pool.

The start of the bad luck run in my house.

A pool flooded with sewerage, a fire on the farm, a night in the hospital with gastro and covid tests, more weight gain, a leaking roof after the rain, a freak accident claiming the life of one of the little boys on the farm. Shattered hearts, and more WTF moments.

2020 officially showing me flames daily.

We pack our car and head off to our holiday home. Excited to hit the beach. Only to have the virus encroach on that and declare a second wave in SA. Beaches closed and stricter curfews. New Year's cancelled.

As the sun sets on the shittest yet a best year, I thank God for my health, my family. I say thank you and count each of my blessings twice. I cry a tear watching the video from my nephew saying how much he misses me and loves me. I curse covid for closing borders and limiting the chance of visits. I thank Covid for the quality time with family. For the awareness of what truly matters.

Here's to 2021, may she be Covid negative and happy.

Sit back and enjoy some of my favorite memories of 2020.


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