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Burn My Beloved Country

I sit in my house feeling like a prisoner. This time it is not because of COVID-19, and lockdown restrictions. Today, I sit in my house in fear. Fear of leaving and just going to buy some food for dinner. Fear of taking my child to school. Fear of my husband at his office. Fear because the world as I know it has gone completely crazy.

A little perspective. A man formerly known as the President of our country, was arrested last week. He was sentenced to 15 months in jail. 15 months, for crimes against our nation. For state capture, for taking the food from his supporters. For stealing and plundering from the very people who are now fighting for him, funnily enough also stealing and plundering. I suppose as they say in Afrikaans, 'Soort soek soort'.

I guess I shouldn't for one second be surprised by the behaviour of these supporters. Rioting, looting, burning down businesses, for what? To get their narrative across? To get Zuma released from jail? Behaving like criminals for a criminal?

Let's look at this realistically! You are burning down businesses, looting them to the ground. Where are the people who work in these businesses going to go? How are they going to feed their families? So by burning and rioting you are personally responsible for an increase in unemployment. You, sir with the stick in your hand, and the TV you have just TAKEN ie STOLEN, you are directly responsible for the demise of our already failing economy. You are directly contributing to another child going to bed hungry. Your behaviour is the problem, not the answer.

Dear South Africans, changing your Facebook photo to #Pray4SA will not change what is happening out there. We are currently living in hell, and unless the government actually grows a pair of steel balls, and take these rioters to task, nothing will change.

The President is being held ransom by the rioters, all because they apparently want Zuma freed. To be honest, Zuma's jail sentence is just a smoke screen and excuse for really bad behaviour. The time to step up is now. If you don't Mr. President, I am sorry to tell you, but you will have no country left to be the president of. #ProtectSouthAfrica

Images below courtesy of Times Live website


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