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Chef and Guests

Imagine my surprise when I receive an email telling me I had in fact won a competition I entered. Generally when I enter these competitions, I don't even bother to follow up on the outcome.

I am an avid fan of Heather Hook's blog, especially as she always posts about all the hot and happening things in Jozi, and she has some really kick-ass competitions.

I decided to enter the Chef and Guests competition, and bam two weeks later, there was an email from Heather to say congratulations, I was the winner. I was totally stoked, especially as a) I am such a foodie and b) I am not much of a cook.

A bit of background - Chef and Guests is an at home chef experience. The chefs on the website have their speciality cuisine with menus ranging from R450/head upwards, depending on what you choose. They come to your house and cook up a storm, set up the table, and even advise on what wine to pair the meal with.

I contacted Philipe and decided to set up our dinner for Wednesday 20 March, as the next day would be a public holiday (I forgot we had a red-eye flight to PE at 6am). Chef Rico was our chef, and he contacted me to do a kitchen recce 2 days before dinner. On Wednesday he arrived with this crate of ingredients and I was a little concerned it was going to be too little for 4 people...hence why he is the chef and not me ;).

Dinner was served promptly at 19:30 and our Mexican menu consisted of Pulled Pork tacos for starters, aged sirloin for mains and churros for dessert.

A most amazing and pleasant evening, with delicious food and fabulous company. Our guests and chef left well after midnight, which is a pretty good indication on how great a night it was.

If you would like to get the chefs to come cook for you, head over to to book your experience.

Chef Rico, showing off some chopping skills

Starter: Pulled Pork Taco, Salsa Verde, Mole & Lime foam

Main: Coffee aged Sirloin, Charred Peppers, Sweet corn grits, Chocolate & Coffee Foam, Avocado Mousse

& Red wine reduction

Dessert: Mint & Almond Churros with Rich Dark Chocolate sauce and gold leaf


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