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One Night in Bangkok

I landed in Bangkok in February. Seven days was all I had to take in the city, while furthering my education in lash extensions…that’s a story for another day.

Sticky and jetlagged AF, we (mom, cousin and myself) set off to the city. Shopping seemed like a great idea.

The food was amazing, the smells…a little less so. I am not much of a street food eater, mainly because if someone will get a stomach bug, that person will be me.

I ate more rice than I care to remember, and why the eff does everything come with an egg?

We visited the temple with the big Buddha, except we didn’t go inside. Because it was Chinese New Year and it seemed the whole world of travellers were in Bangkok at the temple at the same time as me.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

I paid R450 for a 20min ride in one of those little tuk tuk car thingies, and it is well worth the money. Although I did see my life flash in front of my eyes a few times, but I guess dying in Bangkok wouldn't be the worst.

We visited the ‘ping pong’ bars in the Soi Cowboy district, and lets just say they not playing ping pong the way we know it. I will be honest I have watched many films where they have these 'lady-boys' as they call them, but wow they really are beautiful, and I had to look a few times to check if it was a lady or a boy.

In the Soi Cowboy district with my mom - let's just say it was an education of note 😂

Bangkok is a vibrant city, and you literally will feel like you are in the Hangover movie. You need to go there open minded and really embrace it all.

‘One night in Bangkok, and the world’s you oyster,

The bars are temples but the pearls aint free,

You’ll find a god in every golden cloister

And if you’re lucky then the god’s a she

I can feel an angel sliding up to me’

A little word of advice, the bars are an experience, but the ‘ladies’ don’t care what sex you are, so be aware you will get attention, and if you make conversation, you better take out the $$.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Where I spent most of my money #makeupaddict

Some trips require a spoil, and in Bangkok the luxury items are cheaper than at home #LouisVuitton


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