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Korai True Artisans Of Beauty

Korai's beauty space left me breathless the minute I walked through the door.  It is the most luxurious space and ambiance. As you set foot in the door you immediately know why they are true artisans of beauty.

Co-founded by Shabnam and Sally, a powerful mother and daughter-in-law combo, they have turned the normal beauty salon right onto its head.  With years of experience and extensive knowledge in the beauty industry, they are covering all things beauty in one luxurious space, Korai.

I caught up with the powerhouses in between a next-level pedicure,  and here's what they had to say.

What is an artisan of beauty?

Priding ourselves on our extensive knowledge in the beauty industry, we are very specific when it comes to our standards and quality of service.  We want our offering to be as unique as a hand-made item.  Each experience is carefully curated, from the products we use to the level of service you receive.  It is all in the detail.

How did you curate the space that is Korai, to set it apart from other establishments?

Our goal is to create a whole world around beauty.  When you walk in the door, we want you to relax, leave everything at the door and focus on you.  

Here's a little walk-through.  We have divided the space in such a way that the nail area is positioned as the hang-out space, and the hair salon area is in that fun space.  Beauty rooms are hidden behind the main area, to keep tranquility in between the hustle and bustle.  The barbershop has a men's beauty room and a mani and pedi station especially for the guys who want their privacy.

Why did you opt for such an extensive and comprehensive offering? And how has this been impacted by Covid?

We wanted to offer our clientele an all-rounded service.  This means head-to-toe treatments under one roof.  We believe that staying in one salon is more comfortable and time-saving than traveling to different places.  The convenience has definitely been a plus for clients especially during this time.  

COVID has been a challenge, especially for a new place where there is close contact between people.  Rough patches were inevitable, but we continue taking our precautions.  Both the team and clients are operating successfully.

Do the beauty professionals go through specific ‘Korai’ training to ensure standards are consistent?

Most definitely!  We have developed our own techniques in the different areas of the salon.   Quality control is a big part of our offering and standard.  This is why we emphasize training.  Our professionals go through training and can only start offering treatments once they are 'Korai ready'.

The Mother and Daughter-in-law combo are stereotypically problematic.  How have you managed to come together to ensure success?

Family love brought us together, and love is a strong and important thing to maintain.  Regardless of our differences, we overcome them through mutual respect and love.  Everyone has their differences, but we have learned to respect them and compromise.  Through mutual agreements and understanding, we maintain a successful business.

What is your dream, ambition, or the next phase of the business?

Our dream is for Korai to be "The Place to Be", and we are currently discussing possible expansion in the new year.

What is something we don’t know about Korai which you’d like to share?

Korai is a space where luxury meets affordability! We are always expanding our offering and services. We have some interesting treatments coming soon so stay tuned!

Korai epitomizes true luxury for the everyday person.  As I walked out the door into the Sandton hustle, I was completely relaxed and reset.  Ready to take on the world, until my next visit of course.


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